A little about English Teacher 2.0

As I mentioned on the About page, this blog will be a place where I can chronicle my thoughts/ideas/experiences as a student teacher. I’m also excited about the possibility of others in the field (including students!) seeing and commenting on my posts as well! Hence, where the name “English Teacher 2.0” came about. 

I choose this name because we are living in a Web 2.0 world. This means there are now endless opportunities to gain knowledge through collaboration from all over the world. In addition, I think that the English classroom is one in which many only think of more traditional views of learning. Yet, using web 2.0 technology to complement these traditional teaching patterns can only benefit our students and help them gain 21st century skills that they will need to use-and are using-in the world around them.

The following video highlights some of the most important points I think educators need to remember before they even think about lesson plans, AYP, and class activities. Because I truly believe that in the end, if we aren’t willing to understand the point the video makes, we will not be able to adapt and meet our students’ evolving needs.


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