The visual

[Response to Chapter 10 of BPR’s “Adolescent Literacy:  Turning Promise into Practice”]

I really appreciated reading about the visual element in this chapter. I think that the visual plays an imperative role in the classroom whether many realize it or not. Our students live in a visual world filled with images, colors, shapes, signs, and new technologies. For this reason, again, the visual is a necessity in the classroom as yet another way to assess how well our students have grasped and applied the knowledge we are teaching them. (And not to mention working with visuals creates an interactive, engaging, and creative classroom experience!)

I also thought the points made about “symphony” (stemming from Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future) were very interesting as well. In order for our students to be successful in the 21st century, we must help them use the knowledge they gain to understand and realize that everything is connected (in a sense). We must help them develop the tools to recognize this fact, which is significantly important in today’s diverse, cultural society.

I think I may have noted my final thought on this chapter in a previous posting, but thought I would touch upon it again. Technology should be seen as a complement to the classroom not the sole component. Specifically, I think understanding this point would be particularly helpful to those who prefer a more traditional type classroom. Human interaction is always a plus, but using technology to further engage class discussions and ideas is what will truly give students a better understanding of the topic at hand and perhaps open their eyes to information they never really thought about or knew about before.


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