Technology in the classroom

I’ve been trying to catch up on some of my online, blog readings (which by the way IS reading for those who may be in doubt, ha!) and came across a few postings about technology use in the classroom that I feel are quite relevant in the new realm of education. 

First, how many people have ever considered the use of video games as a legit way to help students gain content knowledge? My guess is not many. I became interested in this after reading an article talking about libraries adding gaming rooms to their facilities. So when I came across this blog (which gives a really cool science example), I became hopeful again that educators/researchers are still looking into how they can tap into their students’ skills…and by skills I mean essentially those skills that students have gained outside of the classroom. Not to mention that how including an interactive element (such as video games), teachers can really create an environment where students are encouraged to collaborate (think web 2.0) and create connections to really learn material in a more meaningful way. 

Yet another technology note that I found intriguing (and not just because I want one, ha!) would be here. Talk about innovative. Talk about instant access to unlimited tools and knowledge that traditional textbooks simply do not always provide. In addition, think about creating an equal environment in which all students have the opportunity to use some of the newest technological advancements. And would this not also serve as a way to motivate students to learn more? If they see people are truly invested in them?

I am hopeful that technology will create amazing opportunities (and I believe these opportunities are already happening even now). Thus, it is our job as educators to learn these technologies as well and give our students the skills to successfully utilize them.


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