My first gift!

Yes, my very first gift as a teacher. OK, so it was only a paper football, but still, I was excited. It was from a student who thinks he already knows all he needs to know and is ready for the real world. (Only half way through the 8th grade, by the way.) He hates school and especially hates English class. Doesn’t get along well with my CT, but for some strange reason, he listens to me??? (I even got him to say an answer during our grammar lesson!) Furthermore, he said he would read a (small) book about a “hobo.” And he pinky promised that he would read it, and that’s “serious” talk right there, ha! Plus, he even brought it back up to me…”so how about that book?” My CT has already given up. On my to-do list is to find a book about a “hobo.”

I can’t save everyone (yes, I know this), but hey, why not try? (NOTE:  any suggestions on a book at 8th grade reading level on this subject matter would be GREATLY appreciated!)

So in the good spirit of paper footballs and teachers’ first gifts, I thought this image was rather interesting:

I think this simple message shows that we can’t be resistant to change because it has happened, is happening, and will happen…for many more years to come.


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