Mailbox, mailbox, mailbox!

Had to share this because well, it’s just comical. Especially after taking a course that discusses how fonts work visually.

I often wonder how I could classify my students’ writing into fonts. In fact, this is probably the biggest challenge for me as a teacher: decoding some of my students handwriting. And yet I find that I would rather unscrammble a bunch of jumbled words than read dotted-heart “i’s.”


3 thoughts on “Mailbox, mailbox, mailbox!

  1. Have you noticed that you can now read horrible handwriting much more easily now? I have a student that writes very phonetically and I can even read his writing with ease. I didn’t think we’d get this ability so quickly!

  2. omg…i just watched the FOnt Conference…I laughed outloud when Wingdings came on…i love it!!! Also the caption “this video wasn’t long enough, so we double-spaced it”
    we a re TRUE english nerds

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