Creating a classroom we can’t visualize

Ran across this posting as I was catching up on some reading and I think the points made here are very valid. We must create a learning environment in which none of us can visualize. But how? With technology changing almost as quickly as we blink our eyes, suddenly teaching becomes a huge challenge if we take into consideration the quote highlighted:

“We could forget about the 70 percent of American Eighth graders who do not now and never will read at an eighth-grade level, meaning that they will never qualify to hold one of those jobs we no longer have.”

Essentially, we are preparing the next generation of critical “thinkers/workers” in our classrooms. These students enter our rooms not knowing the how’s and why’s — not seeing the connections from within the classroom walls to their out-of-school experiences. Yet the very point here that frustrates and worries so many educators is the one that makes me WANT to teach, ha! Preparing students for the future, delving into multiliteracies, using multimodal pedagogical strategies…and learning…both by my students and myself…these elements are what encourages me!


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