Critical technology

Today there are lots of discussions going around about technology and its place/use in the classroom. Specifically in the English classroom which has traditionally been a text (i.e. pen/paper/book) only learning space. With that said, as I’m catching up on some of my reading, I came across this article. Basically (as some of you probably already have heard), many people out there are claiming that the use of technology is resulting in a decline of critical thinking skills. However, I don’t agree with this claim.

I feel that we do need more assessment methods, a “balanced media diet,” and more emphasis on visual media (Yes!). As I’ve said before, it’s not about replacing traditional styles, but instead integrating/complementing with new pedagogical strategies. Students are reading and writing in different ways today. Why deny them the skills they need to know to effectively “produce?” They may be using these new technologies, but it is OUR job to push them beyond the user-friendly interfaces and question what they are using, how they are using things, and why they are using one over the other.

As I read here, this debate is not just happening with technology, but in other realms in the classroom, too. And as this article concludes:  “we must adapt.”

Finally, I want to highlight this quote because I think it really hits upon a key point when we begin to question the “so what” impact on using new literacies in our classrooms.

“We must adapt.”


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