Some more highlights I left out…

-I thought it was really cool that students in DE asked me for help after class with their essays. The students seem to really value my input and many are really working hard to take that next step that I have told them we need to push towards. Thus, like I said before, I’m really looking forward to incorporating some of Atwell’s ideas on writing workshops here…

-After speaking with some of the skippers, sleepers, and strugglers, I am actually happy to say that students have been coming to school! AND students who normally don’t answer or volunteer answers or do anything in class actually worked on the assignments at hand during my instruction…

-One student had his ipod stolen. (He just received it from his brother as a gift.) Asked to go to his last class to get something. I say hurry back. The girls were laughing and said, “No! He said he’s goin’ to get his ipod and beat this dude because he stole it.” I’m thinking, “Oh, great.” And head down the hall to the other class. He comes out of the room still clearly upset and we walk back to English talking about it — how if this guy stole it that says a lot about what type of person he is, how beating him up won’t do anything, and may not even get back his ipod, and how if he could put a little faith in me, I’d make sure it was taken care of…so that he wasn’t fighting and kicked out of school. He trusted me; CT talked to admin. and hopefully that kid will get his ipod back…but again the point is “he trusted me.”


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