The home stretch…well, kinda!

Over the half way mark…

My BFF History Teacher also made my day today…she said, “Teaching is going really well.” I told her of course it would be because she’s an awesome teacher. Her response: “No, I learned my toughness from you.” ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “The home stretch…well, kinda!

  1. I love your concept for the bulletin board competition. I actually saw something similar to this on the ning and I think it is just a great way to bring relevance to the English classroom without the teacher having to put much input into the activity. Kudos to you and just a fair warning I will be “borrowing” this idea in the future!

    Quick question:
    When you implemented your visual activity into your classroom did you run into any sort of problems where your class was divided in needing the activity. The first lesson I did this semester I had my students use logographic cue cards (from Beers) to help them distinguish between simile, metaphor and idiom. I ran into the problem of having a few students that did not need the etra practice , but with the majority of my class needing the exercise. I did not know if you ran into this situation or if it was just a random occurrence in my classroom.

    • Borrow away! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just can’t wait to bring my kids’ creativity into the room and “decorate” — it’s the little things that I think ultimately make a BIG difference in the classroom atmosphere and what takes place within those walls…

      As far as the visual…I “differentiated” two ways. First, by matching students up in pairs (placing students with someone who would challenge him/her either by “stepping” up to the work challenge or by having to break down the work so both were on the same page). Then, the second way happened if students still finished early — I would push them by asking them to think about the word in a different context — and then have them illustrate that. Also, to help drive home the definitions, students had to present their image to the class and have the class guess what it meant…followed by the artists/authors’ explanation of why they represented that word through that image, those colors, etc. So, I guess in the end, there were a couple of “things” I tried to do on my part to help students on all levels…

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