Listen to your students…

Well, that’s the “theme” for this week at least. Enjoy!

p.s. I’m headed to Ohio State University this weekend for its Expanding Literacy Studies Conference…check back for my notes!


One thought on “Listen to your students…

  1. I also found it difficult to deal with students who have been absent for so long. One of my students has missed about 40 days and has been in my classroom only a few times. She has been sick off and on, and it is so hard to get her caught up. At times too, it seems as if some of the activities lose importance when they are not done in order or during a particular section in the reading.
    I also have the one student I always blog about who is extremely smart and loves talking about the book, but never and I mean NEVER turns in any writing assignments. Her grade is under a 25 right now.
    I think it is a GREAT sign that your student asked to borrow a book. I think that is wonderful –That speaks highly of him and your teaching.
    Today I had my students fill out notecards today about their favorite and least favorite activities, etc. The most important thing I have learned about it is that all students liked something (great sign )—yet all of them have different favorites. It is interesting to see that someone’s favorite activity will be the next student’s least favorite activity.
    I think you make a great point about learning. I told my students today that I cared about what they wanted to know too  I told them to be honest because I am going to use this information to help guide my decisions in the next class. I have learned so much from my students, and I hope that they have learned a lot from me too.
    Hope you have a wonderful Spring Break and get a chance to relax 🙂

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