Spring “break”

Ah, yes. It’s SPRING BREAK! Not really so much of a break, but it is nice to wake up and go for a run (and it not be 5 a.m. and dark outside) — OK, not going to lie, I didn’t go for a run this a.m., BUT if I wanted to, I could 🙂

I’m looking forward to this week and catching up on things. Oh, the OSU conference was AMAZING, and I will definitely have to share some of the thoughts/ideas that were buzzing around this weekend…stayed tuned!

p.s. The flowers are supposed to represent the warm weather that is supposed to be around during spring break. apparently snow showers are in the forecast tomorrow. Lovely.


One thought on “Spring “break”

  1. The flowers are lovely – but my allergies are not a fan!

    And, did you really go running at 5 AM???? Crazy!

    Enjoy spring break 🙂

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