Softball game!

OK, so here are my notes from the game…

-I am still uber competitive and found myself reminiscing on ACC championship games and extra inning games.

-I found myself coaching in my head every time I saw a girl make a mistake. And when I say mistake, I don’t just mean an overthrown ball, but a fundamental mistake. I wonder if this is a sign that I will coach one day. Hmmm.

-I wonder why female athletics are still so far behind their male counterparts. Yes, there is Title IX, but how come girls are playing on a broken down, no fence field, and the boys have a completely furnished field AT the school? Title IX, huh?

It was a good game (and beautiful weather by the way). Went into extra innings and got interesting! I also was able to check out some of the soccer game activities, too, because the field was right beside the softball field. Which reminds me, why are schools cutting out high school sports again? Sports are such an instrumental part to so many students’ lives (and I’m not just saying that as a former athlete). Sports are more about being in shape and keeping busy…

Now time to dust off my glove! 🙂


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