They get tweeting!

Check out this link talking about more Twitter/Web 2.0 ideas for the classroom.

The teacher in the video states something along the lines of if we aren’t engaging our students, we might as well be talking to a brick wall. (So true, no?)

But for me, the debate should not be focused solely on “teaching” how to use twitter….that’s not the point. At all. Yes, that is a skill that is easy and should quickly be picked up by students. However, the point here is teaching your students what goes into that 140 character tweet. What is the content they are supposed to place on wikis, blogs, etc. And why is content different between these mediums (think: audience/rhetorical approaches here)? The list continues here, by the way, but I hope you get my point.

It (web 2.0 applications) is not a “fad;” in a sense, it has become a part of every day life. And I appreciate the comment at the bottom of the posting that says web 2.0  communication is here TODAY. So true.

The point is not to “teach” Twitter…the point is to teach English and engage students with English “things” through contemporary applications…so ultimately students can make stronger real world connections.


2 thoughts on “They get tweeting!

  1. I complete agree with you. I think that often people get caught up with the excitement surrounding the technology itself. Often, time is focused on teaching students how to access the technology (the simple set of instructions- that must be repeated time and again). More time needs to be focused on teaching students how to utilize these resources in creative and deep ways. Many times students do not know how to take advantage of these tools and grow academically. I think my students are starting to get it on our class Wiki. The focus is on working together to engage in deep thinking. This is SO important; I am so glad you brought this up 🙂

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