Come to class! (please?!)

I know many of you have seen the commercial below, but just in case you haven’t…

One of the biggest surprises (I guess you could call it that) would be how many kids missed school during my time student teaching at the high school level. BIG difference from middle school where kids ride the bus and are at school every day. Once kids get into high school, all of these other factors filter in (i.e. driving to school themselves, McDs breakfast, not going home over the weekend) and seem to keep kids from coming to school.

Apparently the policy is a student must come to school at least every 15 days to remain on the roster. This could mean checking in for the 20 minute lunch time and heading straight out. These are the students teachers hope won’t show up on standardized testing days. These are the students who will never “be anything” or “do anything” with their lives (not my words, but words of some of the teachers I have heard). These are the students our educational system lets slip through the cracks.

I know student attendance is one of those tough areas that no one has any easy answers (including myself). But something needs to be done to get these kids back in the classroom…Then again, why should these kids invest in school if there are teachers who have already checked them out before they even walk in (referring to comments above)?

Again, no easy answers, but an observation that has been on my mind since I started working in the high school a few months ago. Too bad it’s not as easy as the commercial, huh???


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