One more *big* one…

How could I forget…another big realization that has come after my student teaching is the fact that classroom and university ideas seem to be completely different from each other, though they *should* be working and saying the same things. Let me explain…

As a future, hopeful phd student myself, I have often wondered how my classroom ideas are valued on the university front, and how my university ideas are valued on the classroom front. However, I’ve found in most cases, there are not many intersections. It’s either classroom or university. Research done through university work is completely out there in regards to what takes place in the classroom, yet the research done is taken from classroom experiences. And then there’s question of well, if it’s not university ordained work, is it meaningful “data?”

I’m not sure if I’m being very clear here, so let me try again. I was told that university settings look down on people who get their phd, then teach in the field, then go back to university settings. Basically, too long/far away from the scholarly world. I, myself, have been nervous about passing up on phd opportunities right now afraid I would get out of the scholarly side of teaching and learning, yet greatly desiring the opportunity to teach at the secondary level…the level in which I would hope my research would impact.

Contradictions??? Perhaps. I just don’t understand why both the classroom and university settings have such a “divide” between them. Why I will publish my classroom “research” one day in well-respected journals, and yet reach many readers via my blog talking about classroom “stuff” now??? Maybe I’m thinking too much into this, and maybe one day I’ll have an answer, but I do feel this weird middle phase between one side pulling me to academe and the other side pulling me to the classroom. You’d think both would go hand in hand…


One thought on “One more *big* one…

  1. Welcome to the teaching profession. I find your comments about the intersections between the high school classroom and university interesting. In my experience in a number of contexts that have included public schools and universities, I have found a different sort of relationship. In fact, each space has helped me in a positive way understand and work in both places. For example, I know that social networking sites are increasing in popularity now, but more than 20 years ago, my grad school, Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English, was at the forefront of developing Internet based networks of educators where college professors and high school teachers could work, study, and research together. The relationship was always one of collaboration, not separation.

    Best of luck with your career. As my 10-year-old son would probably say about such a grand moment, “It’s freakalious!”


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