Educating students on being safe

As I’m watching t.v. and doing a bit of reading, I randomly saw a television commercial focusing on the catch phrase “Think Before You Post.” Basically, stating that our students need to be smart and remember that what they post online is seen by all…and can be dangerous.

I guess this commercial just reminded me of the importance to teach our students to use online resources in “safe, effective, ethical” ways, which was a point highlighted in a recent Ustream link I watched hosted by Will Richardson.


2 thoughts on “Educating students on being safe

  1. So I saw just the title of this in my blog reader and I thought, “WHOA! She gets REALLY personal with those kids!” haha Of course, I WOULD assume you were talking “safe” as in a sex-ed course!

  2. I guess I should have worded my title better, ha! But no, this post is all about students’ online identity…again, going back to teaching them the content that is appropriate for online mediums. If I can track down the transcript from the Ustream chat I mentioned, I will try to post. Very smart thinking and really engaging conversations about education students on being safe (online 🙂 ).

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