New teacher energy!

I just came across this blog response on new teachers in *tough* inner city teaching situations and had to highlight this quote:

Schools in poor neighborhoods having the most success are those put in the hands of talented principals given the power to hire and fire their staffs to enhance achievement, and who use those powers to create a building-wide commitment to improving learning through teamwork. Such principals pick new teachers not so much on their experience, but on their energy and focus and imagination.

How powerful. And so true. As a new teacher myself (planning to head to inner city), many have often asked if I was ready to handle such a “rough” environment. Those environments are where more experienced people should filter in because they can handle “those” kids. However, I have always strongly disagreed with these points. Inner city, suburbs, middle of no where…I am ready to teach. And I’m so glad that this quote points out that it’s all about the atmosphere within the school that creates success. Energy, focus, and imagination. Without these ingredients, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have — people need to remember to value the ideas and experiences of ALL teachers.

I am a new teacher, and I’m ready to teach.


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