English teacher, too.

When I began my blog, I never realized that I would turn into the “Blogging Queen” or have followers – all over the world. The blog started off as a place where I could chronicle my thoughts, ideas, and student teaching experiences. The blog became a place where 1,000+ people have viewed (and many commented) on my thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

The name “EnglishTeacher2.0” evolved from the idea that we are living in a Web 2.0 world; however, I feel that this name took on another meaning as I have realized that though I have transcended the “student” realm into the realm of teaching, I am an English teacher, too. By this statement (meaning the “too”), I mean that I will always be a “student” – I will always be a learner, and yet now I AM a teacher, too.

Thus, my blog is a place where I will continue to share my ideas and thoughts on English Education, as well as chronicle my teaching experiences. My blog is a place where I can explore the education world and share my findings with the entire world…

p.s. the change in the header image is to signify reflection. Some of my best “thinking” time (about any and every thing) occurs when I head home to the beach. Therefore, this image seemed an appropriate representation of what “English Teacher, Too” is all about 😉


2 thoughts on “English teacher, too.

  1. I would be very interested in knowing exactly what inspired you to become so proficient in English. This may be a key to developing your students in their interest in English.

    I know why I was in parks and recreation, but what drew you to the field of education in English? Thank goodness there are a few people as dedicated as you to this field.

    • Well, I think there are two reasons…why I focused on English and why I decided I want to teach. The first is that I realized that my true passion was with reading and writing. (And I probably can thank you all for that because you all helped me become such an avid reader and writer at an early age! 🙂 ) I really liked pre-med, science-based “stuff,” but my passion was just on the opposite end of the spectrum. The second is that I realized I wanted to really help people see that 1) they are already active readers/writers in their every day lives and 2) English is the foundation for everything they do. And in the end, I think I picked the right path 🙂

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