Where did summer go?!?

Well…summer is sadly slipping away. Though I’m not really too sad, but more excited for the year to come. More sad that I’m looking back seriously wondering where summer went, ha! I honestly thought this summer would be the first “relaxing” summer break, but instead have found myself in this crazy whirlwind of massive road trips all up and down the east coast from beginning to end! However, finally getting settled in and adding some consistency to the schedule will definitely help me out (after all, I’m such the “planner” that I’m craving some consistency!). Anyway, I thought I would share a bit about what I’ve been thinking about in the past few days involving tools that will be put to use here shortly…

First things first: moving is TOUGH. I’ve never been more exhausted! But the point of this note is that during moving, I had to pack up a lot of books. I mean, I didn’t even realize I had half the books that I put into boxes! Which brings up another point: I HAVE read a lot! I have to admit that being a “new” teacher I started to think, “Wait a minute…have I read enough?” (as I frantically searched online for every literature anthology I could find  to scope out some titles). And as I packed up my books, I realized titles/authors I *thought* I wasn’t familiar with, I had in fact read! And then after talking to a few veterans in the education world, I realized it’s ok if I can’t spout off Act V, Scene III, Line 243 of this play or page 247, paragraph 2, second sentence of that book…because in the end, I’m co-constructing a learning environment with my students, I AM an expert in reading and writing (and these are the skills I will help my students obtain), and there’s nothing wrong with reading (or re-reading) books at any time in the teaching process. If this doesn’t make sense, my apologies, but for whatever it’s worth, I’m glad I had this realization during packing up part of my life at two-something in the morning, ha!

With that said, speaking of reading…I’m slowly being drawn into this amazing world of reading via technology, such as online and through THIS. Yep, that’s right, I might be getting on board with the Kindle. Maybe I didn’t know enough about it before, but after looking into it, I’m thinking this might be worth the investment.

Moving on…another tech tool that I didn’t really buy into before would be Diigo. I can definitely say that this one can be chalked up to simply not “playing” with it to see how it truly works. Not on board yet, but it is at the top of the to-do list before back to school time is in full force. In fact, as I’m wrapping up my dishes, my colleague texts me and says that she hopes I’m doing well packing. I shoot her a text back that says, “Hey, I think we need to open a Diigo account, so we can use it next year to share stuff we find.” (Can you tell where my priorities were, ha! But I’ll have you know that all of my dishes made it down the road safely and one piece…told you I was a multi-tasker! 😉 )

Speaking of my colleague, we are going to utilize Skype and Google Docs in the near future to chat, catch up, and share *stuff* as we embark on our first year of teaching. Ohhh the possibilities at our finger tips thanks to this lovely Web 2.0 world!

Finally, I’m super excited about hopefully creating one of these for all of my classes. The potential for a powerful learning environment here is off the charts, and I really am looking forward to seeing how students’ learning flourishes!


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