So much to say!

Isn’t that the truth! It hasn’t even been a full week yet, and my mind is already overflowing with teaching ideas, teaching observations, personal learning, and the list continues…Thus, here are a few of the many ideas running through my head:

I love that I have entered a classroom where I can set my own expectations! The students know what to expect, and though there was perhaps some slight resistance from a few lively gentleman, all-in-all, my students seem really great and respect my classroom, my classroom’s rules, and most importantly, seeing the importance of respecting each other.

I’ve realized that the students are VERY interested in every little detail about me it seems, ha! They want to know all about where I went to school too. My favorite two questions so far: “How ‘old,’ I mean ‘young,’ are you?” and “Is this class super big or what?” I just laughed at the first and said, “Moving on” and as for the second question I gently let them know that at VT I taught classes triple the size of what I am working with now…and I was teaching engineers (who <though stereotypically, yet sometimes true> can be a very tough group). Their jaws then drop and they all go, “Ohhhh, wowww.”

My students are very, very smart whether they consider themselves smart or not. I have been very impressed with the quality of work they have submitted thus far and our in-class discussions. I’m so excited to see all of the ideas I have play out and how they respond to them. First up: class nings! I told you all I was going to do it, and I AM! It will definitely be a learning experience for me, too, but just listening to what my students have been saying, I really think this online space will become a great learning space. And if it doesn’t play out the way I hope it does, I’ll definitely be able to reevaluate and rework as needed. I’m just excited to say I AM doing it!

And even though I’ve mentioned it before, it’s so refreshing to be working with people who are open-minded and “get” how students learn today. As always, it’s not about making English class a “technology” class; it’s about utilizing tools and skills to engage students and help students learn.

Anyway, that’s all for now, though I know more will be on the way shortly 😉


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