Kleenex anyone?

Oh, man. You guessed it. I’ve been hit by the little-bit-of-everything-going-around-the-students thingy. (What a rough first month of school, let me tell you!)

Two quick random thoughts before the meds kick in and I will hopefully be knocked out until the morning in which I wake up feeling like nothing ever happened. (Yeah, chalk it up to wishful thinking, but my fingers are crossed!)

1) I really am proud of my students’ work involving their booktrailers. They really were rock star status….BUT I was a bit disappointed in the written packet component as some didn’t put a lot of time/effort into it. Maybe I need to re-look at how I focus on the packet (what I call the “pre-writing” part of the project) and make sure they understand that it is as essential to the project (because it lets me know why they did what they did) as the movie.

2) Over a month of school has already gone by. O-M-G! (I can hear my kids laughing as I typed that, BTW as I always tell them we do not use “text” talk for important assignments). Seriously, it has flown by. Some of my peers just started after Labor Day, but here I am looking to Oct. with almost two months done. With that said, I feel the urge to glance back over my calendar as far as planning is concerned to make sure I’m on track the way I planned it to be…

That’s it for now, folks. (Did I really just say “folks” again? Nothing wrong with it, but if you know me, you’ll know why that’s funny.) I’m off to bed!

p.s. on the to-do list is to find some “teacher/professional” readings for me. I realized that though I am reading for fun (as in reading the entire Hunger Games in a rather sick <two evenings> amount of time this past weekend) and I acknowledge I need to do more of this as well, but I REALLY need to get my hands on some educator/scholarly reads to push my own thinking on pedagogy and all that “stuff” too. Sure I’m revisiting books I’ve read (and were salvaged from the flood 🙂 ) like The English Companion, In the Middle, and When Kids Can’t Read, but I need to expand and again, just really push my own thinking.

p.p.s. also, can I just say how excited I am getting about this? More on this to come…


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