“A Storm With No Name” –> No school???

The weather man just coined the term for what’s taking place down here around Atlanta:  A Storm With No Name.

I can’t seem to get away from water! I’m fortunate my home is dry now, but if you haven’t seen on the news lately everything around and north of  ATL, GA is currently under water. It has been raining down here for over a week now, I think, and it supposed to continue raining throughout this week as well. In fact, I’m watching the news right now and the images are just amazing…floods are a scary and my heart goes out to all of the people who have suffered damages due to the water.

I tried to think back and remember if “back-in-the-day” (ha) we ever missed school due to floods and actually, I think there were quite a few days. In fact, I lived on a road which was often the reason the county would close school…and sometimes even when school was open, my parents would have to drive us up the road because the bus couldn’t get all the way down the road.

I don’t know that school will be closed for us (and highly doubt it will be), but I know many of the teachers were concerned about their trips home as they live a bit away. I’m worried a bit, too, after seeing all of these updates on the news.

With all this said, I have wanted to talk about our “remote school” plan for awhile now and figure all of this potential school closing talk is a good reason to discuss it! 🙂 The plan actually came about with the high spreading of the flu (particularly H1N1 flu) that seemed to take over the southeast (and all of GA). As a school, we have a plan to host school if we cannot physically be in the building. Each teacher has a webpage that lists his/her email, wiki, blog, moodle, ning, etc. that the teacher’s class would need to successfully communicate and teach. Of course, we are a 1-to-1 school so we are fortunate to have the ability to do this, but the use of technology would essentially create a way for school to continue (i.e. teachers get paid and kids still learning). I’m wondering if other schools anywhere, whether 1-to-1 or not, have a plan like this in motion? Or, if you are a teacher, what would you consider essential for your students to take home for a “remote” school plan?

Like I said, I doubt school will be closed unless drastic measures happened (i.e. a large percentage of students fell ill to the flu…right now we are doing ok there…knock on wood), but I think it’s pretty neat that we are putting this plan into effect. As far as tomorrow and the rest of the week, well let’s just hope everyone down here stays safe and as dry as possible!


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