But what are YOU reading?

One thing I forgot to mention earlier…as we discussed in class what kids were reading/writing on their own, I had students shoot the question back at me, “Well what are YOU reading?”

I laughed. I loved it. And I read them off the various pieces of literature I was reading (and re-reading) for teaching purposes (including Antigone, The Crucible, The Canterbury Tales, Cry, the Beloved) and then held up what I read (in one night) for fun: Catching Fire. They were all amazed that I was 1) reading all of that and 2) reading one of “their” books.

And speaking of “their” books, we are having a book fair soon (yay!) that I can’t wait to scope out. But back to my point here, I liked that they asked me this question, and I like to think that I set a good example for them by actually doing what I’m asking them to do as well.

And on a side note, I like the Hunger Games series…I read Hunger Games over the weekend a little while ago as well. BUT I SO WASN’T READY FOR A BOOK 3!!! I WANTED CLOSURE!!! Thus, book #2 did NOT leave me satisfied! I think that’s why I can’t read series that haven’t been fully published yet. Like the Twilight series, I jumped on board late (well, mainly because I wanted to not give in to the craze, haha!) and read them straight through (in two days <sigh> might I add) after I finished the semester last fall. Anyway, the one thing that hit me with Collins’ novel is how truly disturbing the whole idea of the “Capitol” and really the main action in the book truly is. (Don’t get me wrong, though, these books are great!) And without giving them away for those of you who haven’t read them…I realized that ultimately by me being the reader in this case, in a sense, I AM the Capitol as I crave every turn of the page and the release of the next book! AHHH! If you have read them, you will have to weigh in and tell me if you realized this as well!


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