Reading and writing…and reading and writing some more

Two important things I’m currently pondering:

First, I really want to have my students participate in the National Day on Writing. Of course when talk of this surfaced awhile ago when I was still in graduate school (last fall), I kept thinking “when I’m teaching next year, I will totally do this…” And then here I am…nothing lined up…YET. I’m not sure how I’m going to go about introducing the idea/writing yet, but I am very hopeful the idea will tie right into what I already have my students focusing on now. Basically, I have told them I want them to think about what they are reading/writing on a daily basis…in the “real” world because whether they realized or wanted to admit it or not, they are all very active readers and writers every day of their lives. They blog about what they read and write on the weekends and then we also talk about various reading/writing “things” in class as well. So, we will see where this one goes, but I’m determined to figure it all out šŸ™‚

The second thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is having a specific schedule of reading and writing days in class. Or maybe not an exact schedule (because as we all know schedules are subject to change, haha!), but one that includes days specifically devoted to reading and writing. My classes are now at the point in which they are familiar with “blogging,” and we are going to move into student-directed prompts that they have to write each week based on what they choose to write about. And as far as reading, they already have independent reading outside of class that they do (and create book trailers with), but I have found I don’t think that’s enough. I want them reading (and writing) more. So, maybe every other week, we devote sometime to pleasure reading in class. And ultimately, by the end of the semester, if all goes well, they would have read more than just their assigned reading anyway! Now, I’m not totally naive…I know not all of my students are going to jump on this idea and like it. However, if I can get a few of them on board, that’s a good enough start for me!


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