The wheels on the bus go round & round

This week = trip week. That’s right. Trip week. As in I head out bright and early tomorrow a.m. to camp with the freshmen class. The idea behind their trip: teamwork/bonding. Flashbacks of being a 4-H camp counselor are slowly coming into light. I’m hoping the rain disappears, but with the downpour coming down all day, I’m not so sure (not that GA needed anymore rain right now with all the flooding around the area). However, this will be my first MAJOR chaperoning adventure (and 3.5 hour bus ride with pit stops with FRESHMEN). O-M-G.

I joke, but I’m really sorta excited to see what this trip week is all about. Each US grade level has a different focus (9th: stated above; 10th: service; 11th: college tour; 12th: surprise), and MS has various day trips all over Georgia. The LS will be busily preparing for Grandparents’ Day next Friday, which is a big deal at my school with a huge assembly that has a huge attendance from the kids’ families.

Anyway, it’s back to last minute packing for me (nothing like procrastination). And we will see how trip week goes! 🙂


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