Who woulda thought?

Spirit week. Enough said. We ARE doing work in English class, but I think spirit week is taking over. Not to mention PSAT practice. PSAT testing. Just getting back from trip week. Conference day. Holiday. Oh, and we just switched our schedule around, so morning periods are in the afternoon and afternoon in the morning. In other words, the past two weeks have been a bit hectic to say the least!

Yet despite the craziness (and my learning experience to plan more appropriately next year), today I was more than pleasantly surprised by a comment one of my classes made as a whole. In fact, I was shocked…humbled…happy.

It was towards the end of class, and I’m not even sure how or why the comment was made. “Um, Ms. Beach…when we all first met you, we were, well, um, seriously like scared to death of you.” I replied, “Well, you still should be.” Followed by laughter and then they said, “No, I mean we have just realized that you are tough. And sometimes we get frustrated at ourselves because we put things off, but we appreciate you and have realized that you really do care a lot and just have really high expectations for us.”

Yep. Not going to lie, that really meant a lot to me.

And, perhaps the biggest surprise out of all of this…in case you didn’t get it…I just dropped my name. I really struggled with the idea of  letting people know who “English Teacher, Too” truly is because my blog was a place for me to really explore my thoughts (though anyone could’ve figured it out I’m sure). So many of my peers told me I needed to go truly “live” and be proud of my thoughts/works/ideas. And it wasn’t that I wasn’t proud, I just didn’t want to do it! Maybe that seems weird to some of you, but it was just a thing for me. I liked the anonymity.

Nevertheless, allow me to “formally” introduce myself.  This is me. Ms. Beach…the first year, tough, English teacher.


2 thoughts on “Who woulda thought?

  1. Wow. I think it is amazing the affirmation you get from your students – what a gift! I’m only a smidge jealous. 😉 I know you’ll cherish their comment for some time. What grade level are you teaching again?

    • I still can’t quite believe it myself…and I’m just glad they “get” me and what I’m about (as well as my classroom…well, at least I hope they do!). Oh, and I’m teaching 10th, 11th, and 12th graders; they all keep me on my toes!

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