Images, writing, and video recording

I recently had my students work with Glogster (edu version) creating an important scene from their most recent novel Cry, the Beloved Country. I like glogs because they provide a really interactive medium for students to create a multimedia image representation (think: poster) of anything. Just like if they were to create a collage by hand, the kids had to pair their glogs with a written explanation of why they did what they did (you will find this a big question of everything we do in my classroom…I really want them to know and understand there is a point behind everything!).

Anyway, today in class I thought of another idea that would allow the entire class to share in the “written” component vs. just handing it in to me (or placing it on their blogs). We could use Jing!

Here’s what I’m thinking…students can utilize Jing to create a snapshot of their computer screen while they move the mouse/pointer over the different parts of their glogs, explaining all of the intricate details while skillfully putting their image representation into a thoughtful verbal response. Then, they can add the video clip from Jing into their glog (at the bottom corner somewhere) where their representation AND response are all right there.

I like having all of their work in one spot because then when we refer back to previous examples everything is there. I also think it will be interesting to see how they are able to put their words into a different form (image vs. voice vs. actually writing) if that makes sense (think: blog vs. vlog). We will see how it goes, but I’m looking forward to at least trying and seeing how it turns out! 🙂


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