Gallery Idea!

I mentioned before that I really wanted to figure out something to incorporate into the National Day on Writing’s Online Gallery. And I realized I don’t think I mentioned that I did it! Well, my students’ work hasn’t been submitted yet; however, I did set up our gallery!

OK, so I may be way more interested than most of the kids are about our gallery, but I know some of them thought it was “neat” (and all of them were amused by the challenge of creating our gallery name). I think it’s going to be great…

BUT I’m not 100% sure what the writing will be comprised of that is filtering into our gallery. And then it hit me (and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before!)….digital literacy narratives.

Again, a huge focus in my classroom is on why English matters (and the fact that we read/write every day of our lives). With that in mind, I think it would be helpful to combine many of our discussions into the foundation for how my students have become the readers/writers they are today. Plus, I have had them writing a lot about what they read/write over the weekend for example. I let them be the judge of what they consider reading/writing and then we discuss what they did. Long story short, I just think creating a narrative about their personal reading/writing journey would be beneficial to help them see the bigger picture of all we do in class. Adding it in a digital format just makes them think about their writing in another way.

I’m excited. I thought I’d have them do it before the end of this semester….but now I’m thinking this is a project we are going to continually build. Thus, spring semester seems better to me…that way they can really apply all of what they have learned and thought about over the year into a great narrative!


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