The Fun Theory

My principal sent out this video as part of our weekly notes…

That’s right. The “Fun Theory.” Thinking about all the ways this plays out in the classroom already…and the many more ways it can be included as well. (Because reading and writing is fun! And I think some of my students are truly seeing that as the year progresses!)

On a side note, a comment I most certainly am taking as a compliment…given while discussing this student’s essay…

Student: “Well I haven’t had English since 7th grade.” Me: “Huh? How is that possible?” (thinking English is a required course how have you not had it?!?) Student: “I mean, I haven’t had real English since 7th grade. This is the first time I can remember being really pushed.”

To me, pushed = challenged. For the student to mention this = the student is engaged. For the student to be challenged and engaged = English class is tough but can be “fun.” Hey, I’ll take it!

And as I’ve said so many times before…it’s all about the little things….



2 thoughts on “The Fun Theory

  1. Amazing video–thank you for sharing it! As a professor who teaches some comp classes, I’m constantly trying to figure out how to get my students involved and even (heaven forbid) have fun with it. I look forward to keeping up with your blog postings to get some ideas for my own classrooms.

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