Exhausted, yet refreshed

Yes. Exhausted, yet refreshed is exactly how I feel coming off of an amazing time in Philly for the NCTE National Convention. With six presentations, I was constantly on the go-go-go. But I still met amazing people, learned a lot, and shared my ideas with educators from all over. (Oh, and can’t forget eating the amazing food from the market!)

I caught a glimpse of a note someone had down stating that if you don’t reflect within 48 hours of the convention, you wouldn’t do it. I, however, disagree (at least in my case) because I haven’t stopped reflecting! And now that I have a bit of time to sit down and catch my breath, I plan on writing about my NCTE experience in the next few posts…

But first…a few initial comments:

If you haven’t heard about the National Writing Project, I suggest you check it out. I was fortunate enough to check in with the NWP crowd as NWP also had its convention in Philly during NCTE. Smart work being down there.

After reading this blog post on PLNs (personal learning networks), I am reminded that one of the most important things about all of the web 2.0/social networking/online “stuff” in general is that they all have the potential to create very powerful communities. The communities I have joined help connect me to teachers all over…teachers who are willing to try/learn/play with new ideas…teachers who push my own thinking on pedagogy. Though there are a lot of teachers who are active members in their PLNs, there are still too many out there who do not utilize/fully appreciate/understand their importance. And at least in my experience, these people are often the ones who treat their classrooms like islands, who don’t value new literacies, and who need PLNs the most.

My point here? Teachers need to remember to grow and learn, too. We need to model what learning looks like for our students. We need to be open-minded and become problem solvers willing to adapt to our students changing needs. We need to be comfortable with the fact that technology integration can connect us with people all over…sometimes in ways that no longer make us the “expert” in the room…and we need to be ok with that. We need to embrace change. We need to always try/learn/play.

And with that said, be on the lookout for more insight into the NCTE Convention! 🙂


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