I’m exhausted, and should be asleep, yet all I can do is think. (Must be the “teacher brain” I keep hearing about everywhere!) Seriously, I think that’s part of the reason I AM exhausted. My head will not stop thinking about things I want to try and do in class with my students, comments they’ve made, things I can do better, etc. And it’s not like I’m unfamiliar with this kind of non-stop, busy feeling (after all, many of you already know I like to stay busy).

Then I was glad I came across this post which harps upon the importance of taking advantage of “me” time and served as a reminder for me. I’ve talked about it. I’ve made conscious decisions to improve in this area. And I’m trying.

So, this is just a “gentle” reminder to myself to simply push “pause.” (And be ok with it!) And though “me” time may be my biggest weakness because I am absolutely one to overload and go 110 mph ALL of the time, I AM improving already (through the use of my yellow “idea” notebook, a new twitter app <though still not 100% sure how to use it>, trying new, different ideas one class at a time <such as this>, spacing out major assignments with my classes, exercising, writing, reading, playing games <yes, I enjoy an occasional MarioKart on Wii>, and many more things to help me improve in this area, including taking the time to pause).

But my question to all of you out there is this…what do you find to be your biggest weakness as a teacher? And how do you push yourself to become better at whatever “it” is?

(note: I have many weaknesses and things to improve upon. However, for me, being able to “pause” is just one of my harder ones to achieve!)


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