Words, words, words

I have a vocabulary workbook that I use for my 10th and 11th graders, but can “freelance” vocabulary work for my seniors. So, I thought…what could I do to pull words that students would find interesting and not “typical” vocabulary work? I mean, yes, I still pull words from the texts we are reading that I feel are important for them to know, but I wanted something else…

And then it hit me: “Words, words, words.” This is the name of our new group on our class ning. Basically, here’s how it works…

  • Find a word that you don’t know and find interesting.
  • Look up the definition (and be sure to cite location you pulled definition from)
  • Take a picture of something that reminds you of your word/definition (think: trying to create a meaningful understanding here vs. just solely a memorized definition)
  • Upload picture to Picnik and create representation of word, definition, image, and anything else that you think adds to your understanding
  • Save representation; upload to “Words, words, words”

Their representations are due Monday of each week…tomorrow marks the first time, so I’m interested to see what all they come up with! Essentially, we are creating our own little class “visual” dictionary (which you all know I’m all about!). And it’s my attempt for my students to have a little fun while expanding their vocabulary (which is something many of them claimed as a “weakness” in English class).


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