Today I found out I have secret bloggers in my classrooms. Students who have started blogging on their own. Telling me my class motivated them to do so.

How awesome is that?

They don’t necessarily want their peers (or me for that matter) to know about their ventures in the blogosphere…yet. One said I could know the URL once the blog became more developed. But the fact that a few of them told me. Awesome. (I think at least! And exciting!)

And who said kids aren’t reading/writing today? 😉


2 thoughts on “Shhh!

  1. The ’10-’11 cohort just created their blogs and are so psyched by your influence. Secret bloggers! Yes, they are writing! So now we need to know . . . are they reading too?

  2. They ARE reading…and reading more at that, too! Whether that reading encompasses new forms (blogs, online newspapers) or books, they are definitely reading….my challenge, as a teacher, is to get them to acknowledge all of the ways in which they are reading and to realize that they are ALREADY readers/writers even outside of “English class.”

    (and I forgot to mention…I even have a few “vloggers” too! even more awesome!)

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