Did you trick us into “liking” blogging?

Recently I’ve had my classes do what I’ve called a “pass around’ of ideas. Basically we take our thoughts/ideas from what we have read and write down something we aren’t sure about, we really liked, etc. — whatever comes to my mind. Then, we pass to the next person in the room until our written response has been read and responded to to by the entire class.

Talk about a class period where kids were reading, writing, and totally engaged. I had no idea they would enjoy this activity this much; I had just thought of it to help us work out some of the complex themes and plot lines with the novels we’ve been reading!

Thus, I had to laugh when a few of them said, “Hey! This is just like blogging, but it’s on paper! Did you trick us into ‘liking’ blogging?” I hadn’t even thought of the activity as “blog-related,” but have to admit it is essentially the same idea behind why I incorporate blogging into the classroom…more engaged, interactive reading and writing that we can all be a part of.

In addition, another realization that stemmed from this activity is that my students are intrigued by the idea of blogging. Not blogging on the class ning, but creating their own blogs. Many have made it clear they want to create their own but are nervous about putting their work out there or not having enough to put on a blog (in other words, not being “good enough” as one student bluntly said). I love that students are looking to blogs to continue their literacy practices outside of my school; I love that they want to start up their own independent blogs. Yet, I’m stuck on how to get them over the “not good enough” mentality. Guess I’ve got a new challenge on my plate now, huh? 🙂


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