Connections everywhere!

Awhile ago I had my seniors write a process essay in which they could pick anything they wanted to do with the focus on clear, concise language. I told them that ideally, anyone should be able to take his/her essay and perform the task to achieve the end result. Everyone seems to have fun with this essay, and some people even choose to craft up recipes and bring in tasty treats for all to try 🙂

Anyway, during this time of process writing apparently the students were working on a contraption of sorts in their Physics class. (Brought back memories of my Rube Goldberg machine I created back in the day, and might I add, I LOVED that project!) For this reason, several of my students wrote an essay based on their work within Physics.

I liked this indirect, cross-disciplinary connection that students took advantage of to help them in both of their classes. I had never even thought of the connection to Physics, but now I’m thinking ahead to next year about how I can connect more of what we do in English class to other classes as well. Especially because these type of connections are ones that I really strive for and hope to incorporate more of in the future!


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