How could I forget? My seniors eportfolio projects are in the final stages of completion! I am so excited to see what they have put together. They have all worked SO incredibly hard on them, and I love having students come up to me to show me tidbits (but they insist no peaking yet!, ha!).

I will put up more details about this multi-genre assignment to assess my readers/writiers in my senior classes in the near future. I ended up going with LiveBinders as the platform to build the eportfolios which I thought worked well. However, if I do this again, I’d probably look towards a different platform (i.e. Google Sites) as there were a few technical glitches my students found bothersome with LiveBinders.

Friday is my last class with my seniors. (I’m trying not to think about it, but don’t tell them that…they think I show no emotion, ha!) And they think I’m joking, but I really am SO excited to grade all of their projects this weekend. I’m so proud of them and their awesome work!


3 thoughts on “So…excited!!!

    • Thanks for the note, and yes, I know my students would love to give some feedback! I see a lot of potential with using LiveBinders in multiple areas in my classroom (and for multiple content areas as well).

      Seniors finish up the year with their exams a few weeks before the underclassmen finish up their year…it’s a privilege of sorts, I guess! 🙂

      • Great, let’s catch their thoughts before they go. We will look forward to hearing their input (and yours of course!)

        Thanks again for trying out LiveBinders for this project.

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