Sharing books…but will it last?

I have been looking to invest in an ebook reader (I guess that’s what I would call it?). Anyway, decision is between the Kindle and the iPad. And then it hit me:

How would I ever share my books?

I love the feel of books. I love marking in books. I love holding books. I love looking at my personal library that continues to grow with more and more books. However, as I’m looking at all the books I will be lugging with me throughout the summer, I’m thinking, “Man, having an ebook reader would be amazing right now and save me space!” Yet…how would I ever share books?

I think this idea really originated after many of my kids have told me in the past few days how they have picked up this book and that book from this friend and that friend to read independently after seeing this kid and that kid’s book trailer projects because this book and that book looked REALLY interesting…you get the idea, ha!

So the question I’m pondering as I, myself, look to invest in an ebook reader (which, at some point, I know I will) is do we lose this “share” factor through these new venues of reading? I know some ebook readers offer a “share” feature, but only for a certain amount of time. Regardless, does the emergence of ebook readers deter the book swap I have seen take place in my classroom? Food for thought, I guess!


One thought on “Sharing books…but will it last?

  1. I have an Amazon Kindle and an Ipad. (I’m a gadget nut) I like the reading experience on the Amazon Kindle better and the books for the Ipad is more expensive than they are on the Amazon Kindle section. I enjoy looking at my growing library of books too. This isn’t very cost effective, but I still buy the books that I absolutely love. If I’ll read the book again then I’ll buy a hard copy too to add to my library. The Barnes and Noble Nook allows you to lend out books to other Nook readers too. I still like the Amazon Kindle over everything.

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