Flipping through my yellow notebook

As many of you all may remember, I keep a yellow notebook of random ideas that come to me at random times…times that do not necessarily allow me to thoroughly investigate my ideas until awhile later (such as now, on summer break…well what’s left of it anyway. Wait, actually, what break? I’m on break? Whoops, I digress… 🙂 ).

Anyway, I’m beginning to craft my teacher website. It’s still very, very, VERY basic, but at least it’s up and running nonetheless. My thought is this…my website is the place that is the foundation for all of the “stuff” we do in my classes. From my website, we are able to get to our class calendar (via Google Calendar), Moodle page (where assignment sheets are housed), our blogs (which may or may not be individual blogs hosted by tumblr, WordPress, blogger, or BuddyPress and is where we write…a lot…and respond to others’ thoughts), our publishing and discussion sites (dependent on what I go with to replace Ning), our wiki (where we collaborate on “big” projects)…I think that about covers everything. Believe it or not, it’s taken me awhile to wrap my head around all the things out there we can use, and what I feel will work best in my classroom. I don’t want the focus to be on the technology…I want it to be on enhancing the content material I am covering.

As I continue to build my teacher website, I went back through some of the posts I had saved and wanted to point out this article on what to include on your teacher page. I think there’s a lot of good advice here and should be something everyone takes a look at if he/she is thinking about making a teacher page. I know some of my colleagues have asked me why I’m creating it, since it’s just another thing for me to keep up with. However, my hope is that it will streamline and make things easier for me. This past year, I noticed that at times kids got confused about if we were “ninging” or headed to moodle. I want to streamline the information and make it very clear that this realm is used strictly for this, this realm for this, and so on. That way we can continue to focus on what really matters: reading and writing and learning!

Another idea I have, which I can’t remember if I have mentioned before or not, is creating a page that I also link to my teacher website that has tons of writing resources, such as things like this. I like to think of it as a resource I am creating initially and one that my students and I can begin to build together…thus, creating a collaborative learning environment.

And last but not least, speaking of my trusty yellow notebook, I have checked out something that I think will also help me, especially when I’m on the go! Evernote seems to be just the thing I need to keep all of my ideas in one location that I can get to at anytime. I have to play around with it some more, but I like it so far!

Now, back to break…or whatever that means. I’ve read 3.5 books so far on the summer reading list (since June 1) and have 2.5 to go. Not to mention all the books I want to read for, well, myself! (And all the “stuff” in my yellow notebook I want to continue to investigate, ha!)


2 thoughts on “Flipping through my yellow notebook

  1. I love your blog! I like reading your archives about your student teaching experience and your first year teaching experience. You know what’s funny. I’m not even a teacher yet but when I read something that gives me an idea of what can be done in a classroom, I write it down and save the article in Evernote.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it:-) And yes! Evernote is awesome so far! I don’t know why I didn’t jump on board with it sooner!

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