Fun in the Sun: SB 2010

That’s right…Summer Break 2010 and I’m exhausted! (But, having a lot of fun while being exhausted, HAHA.)

Right now, I’m down in the Florida Keys on the summer ocean trip that I volunteered to help chaperone. It’s been a great experience…and what an AWESOME experience for the kids! Let me tell you, they have done it all — from snorkeling the Hens & Chickens Reef to tagging sharks — it truly has been an amazing learning experience for them (and for me, too!).

We will all be working on creating a blog to share everything from the trip, so I will have to share that when it is up and running. Be on the look out!


2 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun: SB 2010

  1. ah that sounds amazing! In the UK, our trips usually start and end with rain! englishteacher 2 have you got any tips on running your blog? I just started but no idea on how to get people to look at it etc.

    • Just write, write, write! 🙂 I have also been told that my categories/tags have helped land some of my readers as well. Also, I cross post at times to my ECN page, twitter, etc. which is where I try to network with teachers from all over.

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