Why we do what we do…

Sometimes we have to, while other times we love to…Sometimes we dread it, but in the end, we are thankful we did it…Sometimes we want to…Sometimes we need to.

I’m back from chaperoning the trip (trying to catch my breath and relish the last few days of summer I have left). It was an awesome time, the kids were great, we (yes, we) all learned TONS, and I had the opportunity to talk some cross-disciplinary curriculum ideas with one of the science teachers at my school. (AND even got him hooked on google apps and signed up on twitter!)

During one of our many discussions, he asked me why in the world I blogged anyway. [note: now the title of the post makes sense, eh???] Here are just a few of the things I put out there about why I do what I do: thinking, love writing, connecting, exploring, new ideas, questioning, good things, bad things…the list goes on and on. And the bottom line is that I blog because it has become one of the best ways for me to reflect on my practice and thoughts on teaching English.

Reflection is key…to me at least.

[why do you do what you do?]


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