Books, books, and more books

Oh, and how could I forget! One of the ideas I garnered on the trip (even if it was because my colleagues were laughing at me and my “nerdy” reading comments) is to start blogging about all of my YA Lit reads to help keep track of them. Yes, I use goodreads, but I use goodreads for more of my personal online library shelf. I want a place where I can comb through and allow others to see what I read, what it’s about (don’t worry I won’t give away endings, ha!), what type of reader I’d suggest it to, etc. (And cheers to others in my network who I am just now seeing also do something of the sort! đŸ™‚ )

Now with this new idea, man, do I have a lot to get up here! And notice I’m categorizing it “books” NOT “reading responses.” There is a difference (in my mind at least). “books” = YA lit or other pieces of lit regarding class. “reading responses” = my responses to newspaper articles, pedagogy books, etc.

With that said, be on the look out! Also, if anyone has any suggestions of books to highlight/read, please pass along!!!


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