Back at it!

That’s right, everyone! It’s time to head back to school! Last week was my school’s faculty planning days and this Tuesday marks the first day of classes. Needless to say I am excited for the upcoming year! 🙂

I have been thinking as I revamp lesson plans/syllabi and gather new ideas to integrate into my room this year that planning days are really essential. And each teacher has a separate planning “outline” for what he/she feels he/she needs to do before the start of the year. For me, it actually had to do with room arrangement. We have large desks at our school which sometimes make it difficult to setup my room in an “English-friendly” style. However, I finally maneuvered the desks around with one outter loop and then an inner loop. My thinking is that for group work/discussions, everyone is able to position one’s self around to see others talking and we can simply flip our chairs to work with the person at the desk behind us. We will see how it turns out. I always like to change things up anyway!

I’m curious as to what things other teachers out there HAVE to do during their planning days???

Anyway, hope everyone headed back to school has a great first day! Here’s to another great year!


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