Color coordination & a lesson a day

A must have for me in the classroom is color coordination. From my Google calendars to my teacher planner, each class has its own color. I find that I can never have enough colored pens/markers and there is something truly refreshing looking at a calendar/lesson plan outlined in its respective color to me, ha!

I started this year looking to move my planner to an electronic form. A colleague sent me a template for a daily lesson plan, and I was determined to make the move. However, I quickly found that it wasn’t going to work for me. Moving into the second week of school, I’m back to my trusty paper planner. (Not exactly living up to my goal of a paperless English classroom, nonetheless, I really am trying!) I know not everyone is as “particular” as I am, but I do think that each of us has to find something that makes us feel prepared and ready to go. For me, it’s color coordination.

However, something I am looking to move into and use a bit more (for myself and within the classroom) is OneNote (which would still allow for color coordination 🙂 ). Since my students all have access to tablet computers, I think it would be helpful to use this (particularly for research). I actually got this idea from seeing some of the tools my students were using and thinking how I could use it for our classwork and my own planning perhaps.

Which reminds me…I learn from my students each and every day. I remember my friend’s CT always asking her, “What did you learn today?” and I’d like to think I ask my students that question through the various assignments we do. I also need to remind myself to ask myself that question as well.

So, with this in mind…as we all jump back into our classrooms, what’s something you learned the first few days back?


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