‘Preciate ya!

Recently a few of my former students [from my very first graduating class (*tear*)] have sent me quite a few notes thanking me for preparing them so well last year as they have really been able to enter their college classes and feel confident and successful while many of their new peers are struggling to keep up. [Many of them also asked if I’d come teach at their school…I laughed…though becoming an adjunct at one of the local colleges has crossed my mind…hmmm…oh, how I do love rhetoric & comp!]

First, I would like to say that I am honored, humbled, and sincerely grateful for their kind words and for the fact that they even took the time out to write to me in the first place. Second, I think their thanks reaffirms that what we do within our classrooms is SO important to what goes on after they walk out of our doors on that last day of class…more so than many of us may even consciously realize. Third, [taking into account the previous point] our job as educators becomes increasingly challenging because we don’t really know the exact details of the future that we are preparing our students for…however, it’s our job to prepare them to be open-minded and think critically so that when they are presented with a problem, they know how to go about finding a solution.

Finally, what they reminded me is how important it is for all of us to stop, take a minute, and reflect on who we appreciate and who helped us become the educators, the people we are today. And with that in mind, be on the look out for my ‘preciate ya! list in the very near future.


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