The importance of eye care

Growing up I can remember my parents having to pull books away from me so that I would actually go to bed. It’s funny, actually, to think of all the things I could’ve been doing and what my parents had to get on me for, “Crystal, put the book away. NOW!” And on another funny note (though sorta dangerous now that I think back to it!), I do remember one night that I thought I had really out-smarted my parents. They came in to say good night, and I had already placed my treasured book on my nightstand, so no note of put-your-book-away-right now for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time repeated that night. I listened to them leave, walk back down the hall, and down the stairs before smiling in the dark to myself. Once I realized I was “in the clear,” I grabbed my book, reached under the bed for the Glade plug-in nightlight, and carefully felt along the wall for the outlet…after all, I was DETERMINED to get the last two chapters in and finish the book! Suddenly, my plan didn’t go over so well….ZAP! Yep, that’s right. I accidentally got a little electrical shock that was enough for me to race back under my covers, breathing heavily, thinking I would never do that again and would just set my alarm to wake up early to finish the book…in actual light. [note: what’s ironic is that my father is an electrician and has told us all the do’s and don’t’s of electrical safety for as long as I can remember! [note #2: for all you avid readers out there, please do NOT try this at home. take it from someone who learned the hard way many years ago…the last two chapters can wait!]

Anyway, I digress…the point of my avid reading as a child and even today is that much of it (and much of what we all do) requires our eyes. Yet, how many of us think of our eye care as something we should routinely think about? [note: speaking of which my parents used to always get on me for reading in “darker” settings, too. My father pokes fun at me even now for this.] [note #2: I do read in a lot of natural lighting that should, perhaps, be aided by more light at times.]

With eye care in mind, I came across an interesting post over at Cool Cat Teacher Blog talking about exactly that: eye care. I think eye care will be an increasing thing we all have to think more about, especially with all of the new technological tools we are using. Also, it’s important to continuously think about how we can further strengthen and take care of our eyes…not to mention that our world is becoming more and more visual (communication, entertainment, etc.).

Definitely check out her post and some of the notes on eye care, too!


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