POSTURE!!! Do any of you think about it? I do (but don’t). To be honest, and this may sound crazy, but since becoming a teacher I feel that my posture has gone downhill. I say this jokingly, but quite seriously. Maybe it’s because I find myself at the computer more? I’m not really sure. However, I think technology — for all of us — does play a factor in our posture today.

Even as I look around at my students, I notice many of them with postures that are not the greatest. I asked a few if they ever thought about how they were sitting while doing work (again, at computers) and all said it never really crossed their mind.

I know numerous studies are being done on the effects of technology use (many health related), and I’d be interested to see how a person’s posture ties into all of this. Though something as simple as sitting up straight may seem trivial to sum, a strong, healthy core is what supports each and everyone of us in ALL of our activities.

So, the question is this…what can we be doing — as individuals and as educators — to ensure that we are being “healthy” in our technology activities to promote good postures?


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