Book Talk: Girl in Translation


That was the first thing I thought after reading Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. It really made me think about the dual lives many of our students live…rather the “real” world our students live in that affects everything they do (including within our classroom).

What I found most moving about this novel was the main character (Kimberly) and her unrelenting passion to do all that she could for herself and her mother. In addition, Kimberly’s story is relevant to many people’s (immigrant or not) as it shows the struggles, maturity, and future goals that we all can relate to at one point or another. As the review states, it is truly a strong read highlighting a coming of age story.

Another thing that I thought was unique is that Kwok told the complete story of Kimberly rather than just focusing on say her high school days. I think having this completeness definitely made the story even more powerful as the reader felt like she was growing up with Kimberly herself.

I’ve already suggested this to many people and think you should check it out, too. It’s not just a story “just for girls;’ it’s a story for everyone (and one that reminds us all that there’s more to people than what meets the eye).


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