Learning on the Go

Lately, I’ve been really impressed with my students’ desire to “learn on the go.” Many of them have asked what “apps” I’m currently using or what apps they can use to take their school “stuff” on the go with them. This whole on the go mentality really made me start thinking about how our kids are accessing information outside of the classroom (and how learning can truly extended beyond the classroom walls/class bells).

Right now at the top of the list is probably the tumblr app. Kids are loving blogging! Other popular apps include google docs, flickr, kindle, diigo, Evernote, Dropbox, and many others.

So, what does this mean for us — the educators? It means we have to start thinking outside of the box more. Help kids see there are more to these apps then just the immediacy of what’s cool right now. Because the reality is that there is MUCH more to them being only right now. They are changing the way we teach, the way our kids learn, and the way our kids continue to learn when they walk outside of our classroom doors.

Curious to hear how others are helping kids learn on the go. What apps are you including with your teaching or suggesting that your kids check out?


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