How to Write Your Best

This blog is written by one of the professors I had while at Virginia Tech. He inspired me to take a look into the professional writing realm which I worked in as the Public Affairs Assistant of VT’s College of Natural Resources, a Grad Asst for COTA at VT, and a Comm Intern for ASCD. I have always believed that these real-world writing experiences have truly given me a unique perspective to bring into the classroom. With these experiences, I can truly remind kids that “English skills” are everywhere around us (and not just in the English classroom!).

I actually gave my AP kids the grammar brush-up test the other day, and they really enjoyed the practice! I told them that some of the most valuable advice Professor Weather’s told my class one day was that [in the print world] it wasn’t enough to say “Oh, a comma should go there.” You need to know WHY because ultimately all of those extra, unneeded commas equal more ink..and more ink equals more money…and your boss is going to want to know WHY.

Anyway, his blog is a great writing resource and one that my kids definitely appreciated reading. Check it out!


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