Grammar Girl!

Since National Grammar Day is just a few days away, I FINALLY unpacked a particular book on purpose…

I know many of you are familiar with Grammar Girl’s work, but I wanted to highlight The Grammar Devotional since it was one of my  purchases at the NCTE Convention in Orlando this past fall.

Introduced to Grammar Girl in one of my graduate classes, I instantly fell in love with her Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Grammar isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite thing, and I appreciated the lighthearted approach to solid grammar tips that I could use within the classroom (also used the GG podcast which led into kids creating their own grammar podcasts to share with others).

Anyway, I really like The Grammar Devotional and think it would be a great book to use with some of my classes (immediately AP Lang comes to my mind). I know there are tons of grammar resources already in our text, but as an optional text, I think GG’s book is totally worth it!


2 thoughts on “Grammar Girl!

    • I really like the idea of using *The Grammar Devotional* the more I flip through it. Some of my kids have picked it up out of curiosity and found it “fun” as well, so it definitely has me thinking now!

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